Cheese Factory Tierra de Barros, hand-crafted production only.


Cheese Factory Tierra de Barros
Semillero de empresas, nº5
Telf/Fax: (+34) 924 520 429
Teléfono: (+34) 924 523 604
06220 Villafranca de los Barros

The savoir-faire is the heart and soul of the people, a company and a family.
It is acquired over time, is refined
and passed on from generation to generation.
This is the union between the tradition and the modernism,
the knowledge and the imagination.
This is a flood of cheese flavours in your mouth.

   Our cheeses have character, made with natural raw material and matured with extreme attention in order that you can enjoy the product just right. We are pleased to invite you to discover our wide range of products, that will meet all needs.
   So we can only suggest that once you have choosen your cheese, try to enjoy each bite to the maximum, for sure your will repeat.
   Bon appétit


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